E-520    Conventional

Leading hybrid in its maturity.  Impressive stalk and root strength.  Exceptional stay green and late season intactness.  Medium tall with erect leaf canopy. Excellent corn on corn, goss's wilt, and northern leaf blight.  Girthy ear with very good earflex.  Plant at high populations.

E-598     Conventional

Outstanding top end yielding hybrid.  Medium tall plant with strong stalks and roots with lower greensnap risk.  Very good disease tolerance including Goss's Wilt.  Very good drought tolerance and fungicide response.  Good Earflex and Eargirth.  Medium high to high population.

E-544    Conventional

Strong Preforming,widely adapted hybrid.  Taller hybrid with medium ear placement.  Good stalks with impressive root strength. Verry good disease ratings. good fungicide response and drought tolerance. Large girthy ears with deep kernals.  Verry good ear flex and high population tolerance.

E-539SS RIB    

Smartstax Hybrid. Decription Above


E-539    Conventional

Medium tall plant with very good stalks and roots.  Semiflex ear type with long ears and good kernal depth with good test weight.  Excellent early vigor and very good disease and Goss ratings.  Population tolerance medium-medium high.  Corn on corn recommended with fungicide.


Roundup Ready Hybrid.  Description Above.

E-696  Conventional

Newer genetics: Excellent top end Yield with strong agronomics.  Excellent roots with very good stalks and greensnap tolerance.  Very good drought tolerance. Semi determinate ear. Medium plant and ear height. Population tolerance 32-38.


Same genetics as 696 with glyphosate and liberty tolerance, above, and below ground pest protection traits.  Refuge in the bag.

E-699    Conventional

Tall hybrid with very good stalks and good roots.  Very good early plant vigor and good drought tolerance.  Good on Goss's wilt and stalk anthracnose.  Excellent upper end yield potential with high management.  Semiflex ear with medium to medium high population recommended.  


E-588    Conventional

Shorter plant type hybrid with very good stalk and roots.  Average test weight with excellent dry down.  Excellent yield potential and fall intactness.  Population recommended medium high to high.  Good on all soil types.

E-690    Conventional

Outstanding appearance and very good Goss tolerance.  Very good stalk and root ratings.  Excellent seedling vigor and test weight.  Very good earflex and good drydown.  Plant at medium high populations.  Limited Supply.


Same genetics as E-648 with glyphosate tolerance.



Same genetics as 696 with glyphosate tolerance.

E-670    Conventional

New Hybrid with dominant yield. Very good stalk and root ratings.  Girthy ear with very good ear flex.  Medium plant and ear height.  Excellent fungicide responce but average corn on corn.  Average drought tolerance and dry down.  Population tolerance medium to medium high 30-34k.


E-699 Double Pro RIB  

Same Genetics as E699 Roundup Ready with corn borer resistance, refuge in bag.

E-588 Double Pro RIB 

Same description as E588 with Glyphosate tolerance and multiple modes of action against above ground pests.  Refuge in the bag.

E-660SS RIB 

Excellent yield potential in robust plant.  Medium tall plant with medium ear height.  Very good stalk with good roots.  Very good disease ratings and greensnap tolerance.  Corn on corn recommended.  Good early plant vigor with average drought tolerance.

E-648    Conventional

Excellent performing hybrid across all soil types.  Impressive stalk and root strength.  Very good ear flex and length.  Medium tall plant with medium ear height.  Very good Goss's wilt and GLS tolerance.  Plant at medium to high populations.  

E-658 Double Pro RIB

Same genetics as E-658 with glyphosate tolerance and corn borer resistance. 

E-658    Conventional

Semiflex ear type with very good drought tolerance.  Excellent top end yield across most soil types.  Very good stalks and excellent roots aid late season standability.  Very good emergence and excellent early vigor for reduced tillage and early planting.  Very good disease package with good Goss' wilt.

E-652    Conventional

Medium height very high yielding hybrid.  Very good drought and green snap tolerance.  Excellent disease package with good Goss's wilt tolerance.  Very good test weight, stalk and root ratings.  Plant at 30-34 thousand.  Determinate ear.

E-652Double Pro RIB

Same genetics as E-652 with glyphosate tolerance, above ground pest protection traits.  Refuge in the bag.

E-612    Conventional

Outstanding yielding hybrid with fast drydown.  Widely adapted across varying environments.  Very good ear vigor with good stress tolerance.  Good stalk with very good roots.  Medium tall plant with medium ear height.  Above average drought tolerance.  Excellent high population tolerance.


Medium tall hybrid with consistent girthy ear.  Very good stalks and stay green.  Good test weight and plant vigor.  Best performance at higher populations.  32-34 thousand.  Excellent yield for maturity. 


Same genetics as E-652 with glyphosate tolerance.

E-646    Conventional

Racehorse hybrid with excellent defensive characteristics.  Moderate ear flex.  Performs best at higher populations.  Excelent seedling vigor with very good stalk and roots.  Medium tall with medium ear height.


Same Genetics as E612 with glyphosate tolerance. 

E-878 Double Pro RIB

Excellent early vigor for northern adaptation.  Very strong yield performance.  Good hybrid for less productive and tough acres.  Medium tall with very good stalk and good roots.  Very good ear flex and dry down.  Very good drought tolerance and fungicide response.  Takes high populations. 

E-859    Conventional

Attractive medium tall plant with medium ear placement.  Excellent top end yield potential for productive and variable yield environments.  Very good early vigor, stalk and root ratings. Girthy ear, semi determinate. Medium high population tolerance.  Not recommened for corn on corn.


Outstanding top-end yield potential with fast dry-down.  Excellent late season stay-green and intactness.  Widely adaptable with good southern movement.  Exceptional stalk and roots.  strength for maturity.  Above average drought tolerance. 

E-856    Conventional

Excellent hybrid on all soil types.  Medium tall hybrid with very good ear flex and grain quality.  Good stalk rating and very good roots.  Very good seedling vigor and high population tolerance.

SILO BLEND   Conventional

A Blend of multiple varieties available in:
  • Early Conventional.  (85-95-Day)

  • Late Conventional.  (98-105-Day)

  • Early Roundup Ready.  (85-95-Day)

  • Late Roundup Ready.  (98-105-Day)

Limited Supply​

Enestvedt Brothers Odean, Johannes, Bert selecting ears to show at the county fair.