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Celebrating 124 Years of Service

       2024 marks the 124th Anniversary of Enestvedt Seeds.  Three generations of the Enestvedt Family have made Enestvedt Seeds what it is today.  Enestvedt Seeds is a family-owned and operated seed business in operation today by Roger Enestvedt.

       The Enestvedt Seed Corn Company was established in 1900 by E.G. Enestvedt.  Enestvedt Seeds office is still located on the farm homesteaded in 1867 by the great-grandfather of Roger and grandfather of Johannes, Bert, and Ole Enestvedt.

       The University of Minnesota released 13 open pollinated seed corn in 1897.  Johannes and Bert's father E.G.Enestvedt, was attending the St. Paul School of Agriculture at this time, growing and selling seed corn while he was in school.  He graduated in 1902, returning to the family farm in the Minnesota River Valley to continue farming and growing seed.  In 1908, he married Clara Haug and together they continued the farming-seed business.  E.G. passed away in 1923 leaving Clara and their five Children.  Clara operated the farm with hired help until her sons Odean, Johannes, and Bert were old enough to take over.

      The three boys operated Enestvedt Seeds together from that point on.  Odean passed away in 1988, Johannes in 2012 and Bert in 2015.

      Minnesota 13 seed corn was sold by Enestvedts until they started raising Minnhybrids in the mid-1930's.  Today the company sells seed corn, soybeans, and other seed grains.  

      The Enestvedt's tradition of detasseling began in the mid-1930's with the coming of hybrid seed corn varieties.  Countless numbers of young people have had summer jobs at Enestvedt's.  Today up to 50 young people are still hired for the manual job of detasseling every summer.

      We produce and process all of the hybrid corn varieties we offer.  Our corn is dried, graded, and treated in our processing plant according to uniform and proven standards. 


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